Sports Massage Therapy

Whether you’re training for the next 10k, Great North Run, or prefer to keep fit and active in a less gruelling way, sports massage treatments can help maintain muscle condition, lessen the risk of injury and aid recovery post-event.

Pre-event massage

This massage invigorates the muscles and prepares them for your upcoming event. Usually focused on just a couple of areas, it avoids intensive deep tissue work. Ideal for those who regularly take part in running or cycling sports.

Post-event massage

Just hit a PB on that marathon? Then time to treat your muscles and soothe those DOMS aches. This massage relieves tired, aching muscles post training or event.

Maintenance massage

For regular sports enthusiasts having a maintenance massage can help keep your muscles in top condition whilst training. Regular massage sessions can keep muscle fibres flexible and aid training.

Of course, you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to benefit from a sports massage. The deep tissue work involved makes this a great treatment to smooth out deep-rooted areas of tension and knots which can cause considerable pain.

60 mins: £38

45 mins: £30

30 mins: £25

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