Aroma-Facial Massage
facial treatments BramleyOur newest treatment combines the best elements of aromatherapy and facial massage to improve skin-tone and provide stress-relief. The treatment starts with a cleanse and moisturise followed by a relaxing facial massage using techniques to stimulate blood flow and release tension from stress held in the jaw, neck and head.

30 minutes: £25 

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massage therapy BramleyA deeply relaxing massage using a tailored blend of essential oils, the combination of which provides a restorative and rejuvenating treatment which can help with a variety of health conditions such as IBS, stress and muscle spasms. 60 mins: £38

Need something stronger?

spa reviews LeedsGo for extreme stress relief in this extended 90 minute aromatherapy massage. Starting with the creation of your own essential oil blend, the hour and a half treatment enables the therapist to provide a deeply relaxing full body massage which will leave you relaxed, calm and ready to cope with whatever the world has to thrown at you!

90 mins: £50

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Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage is a gentle, relaxing massage, designed to sooth stress and improve overall well-being. Also commonly called classic, or simply, body massage, it’s characterised by four distinct movements; effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and friction, which individually stimulate the blood flow and flush toxins which have accumulated in the muscle tissue to relieve tension and aches.

Used extensively throughout the world, this form of therapeutic massage is ideal for those in need of pampering, relaxation or stress relief.

60 mins: £38                 45 mins: £30                   30 mins: £25

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Cupping Therapy

cupping near meCupping therapy is an alternative therapy which uses either glass or plastic cups to create a vacuum on the skin using heat or mechanical suction. The cups are either then used to massage the area or left in place for up to 15 minutes. It’s thought that the practice, which is thought to date as far back as 3000 BCE, promotes blood flow, helps treat pain and improve skin tone, including areas with cellulite.

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping, although sounding dramatic, is really just the process of creating a vacuum in the glass cup in order for it to adhere to the skin. The lit cotton is held with lockable tongs and does not touch the skin or the rim of the glass, but is placed in the cup for a few seconds before it’s removed and the cup quickly placed on the skin. Each time a cup is moved, it’s tested for heat, if it’s too warm another is used until it has cooled.

Cold Cupping 

This technique follows the same process as the fire cupping, however a pump is used to create the vacuum instead of the heat from the lit cotton. Cold cupping often features smaller cups which can be better for particular areas such as the tops of the shoulders, however there is an argument over the potential additional benefit of the heat generated from fire cupping.

Cupping therapy can leave marks on the skin, however these are not painful or harmful and will fade in a day or two.

Please note: Ebor Sulis does not offer wet cupping treatments

60 mins: £38            45 mins: £30              30 mins £25

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Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage near meThis treatment is designed to identify and target deep seated muscular issues to release long-held tensions and release tissue to improve mobility. The therapist uses specific techniques to break down knots and stretch out muscle fibres. A deep tissue massage is ideal for those with long-term issues from poor posture, scar tissue from previous injury, ongoing back, neck and shoulder pain.

60 mins: £38               45 mins: £30              30 mins: £25 

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Hot Stones Massage

massage therapy gift vouchersHot Stones Massage is a deeply relaxing and beneficial massage using warmed basalt stones on different areas of the body. The heat and weight of the stones works deep into muscle tissue, relieving aches, pains and tension.

Whilst lovely as a full one hour treatment, elements and techniques from this therapy can be used in other areas – such as sports massage – to penetrate down into muscle fibres and ease specific problems. It’s commonly thought that hot stones are placed directly on the body, however they are generally placed under towels and the heat penetrates through. This protects the skin from damage by the hot stones but still delivers the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of the heat.

60 mins: £38   

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Indian Head Massage

what is indian head massageIndian head massage is a relaxing, and often invigorating, massage of the neck, scalp and face. It’s generally given in a seated position, with the client fully clothed and often includes a visualisation technique to help aid relaxation.

A great treatment for releasing tension in the neck and head and Indian head massage is idea for those who suffer from tension headaches and stress.

30 mins: £25

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Pregnancy Massage

massage while pregnant LeedsPregnancy creates many changes in the body, specially designed massage techniques can alleviate symptoms such as aching muscles and tension. This gentle, yet relaxing massage is usually given with the client lying on their side – fully supported by pillows for the abdomen and to ease pressure on the hips.

Please note: Midwife or GP approval must be given before a massage treatment can take place. Pregnancy massage is only given after initial 12 weeks of pregnancy, the client must tell the therapist of any conditions which may contraindicate massage.


60 mins: £38

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reflexology near meReflexology is a complementary therapy which works primarily with the feet to treat the whole body. It is based on the idea that different parts of the foot relate to areas of the body and by massaging and working these areas in a specific way we can facilitate the natural healing of the body and improve pain and discomfort. It’s an extremely therapeutic treatment which can help overall wellbeing.

60 mins: £38               30 mins: £25

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Sports Massage Therapy

best sports massage LeedsWhether you’re training for the next 10k, Great North Run, or prefer to keep fit and active in a less gruelling way, sports massage treatments can help maintain muscle condition, lessen the risk of injury and aid recovery post-event.

Pre-event massage

This massage invigorates the muscles and prepares them for your upcoming event. Usually focused on just a couple of areas, it avoids intensive deep tissue work. Ideal for those who regularly take part in running or cycling sports.

Post-event massage

Just hit a PB on that marathon? Then time to treat your muscles and soothe those DOMS aches. This massage relieves tired, aching muscles post training or event.

Maintenance massage

For regular sports enthusiasts having a maintenance massage can help keep your muscles in top condition whilst training. Regular massage sessions can keep muscle fibres flexible and aid training.

Of course, you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to benefit from a sports massage. The deep tissue work involved makes this a great treatment to smooth out deep-rooted areas of tension and knots which can cause considerable pain.

60 mins: £38                       45 mins: £30                    30 mins: £25

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