Trick or Treat?

Ok, so it’s a little early for Halloween but there’s a reason for the question. At Ebor Sulis most massage treatments are booked towards the end of the week, and that got me thinking.

Is it because the majority of us still view massage therapy as a treat, a reward for working hard and therefore something we can’t have until most of the working week is over? Sound like a familiar thought? It’s a punishment/reward scenario; do a difficult or unpleasant thing and get the nice thing afterwards. A classic ‘eat your broccoli and get ice cream for dessert’ situation.

What if you were to break that cycle and start the week relaxed; go into Monday not with dread but after a good night’s sleep and feeling like you’d taken some time for you? We associate massage primarily with relaxation, but it can also be energising and recharging and provide a hearty dose of resilience to deal with all the other million and one things happening in your life.

Bramley massage therapy

Isn’t that a better way to start the week?

Massage therapy is well known for reducing levels of cortisol (known as the sad hormone) and increasing endorphins (the ones which make you feel happier), this alone can dramatically alter how we deal with stress, anxiety and pain. As therapists we often see clients who have booked with us because they’ve reached the end of their pain threshold or are almost vibrating from so much stress that it takes most of one treatment just to bring them down to a manageable level.

Recognising the need to stop, breathe and take some time out before you’re forced to is a difficult thing to get your head around – especially if you think that you’ve not earned a massage treatment quite yet. Try to remember that keeping your stress levels down and your body functioning healthily is important and you don’t need to wait until Thursday to justify it.

We’re open six days a week (including Sunday and Monday, in case you’re wondering) to help you face the world however big or small those daily challenges may be.

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