The January Treatment Tryout

Why you should try a new therapy treatment during January

2017 has arrived and with it the declaration of new resolutions.

Most of my clients come to me for typical and well known massage treatments for relaxation and relief of work or sport related issues, but I’m also trained in Cupping Therapy and Indian Head Massage – both of which have their own unique benefits that are rarely explored.

Why try cupping therapy?

Many of my clients who’ve tried this treatment report feeling less wiped out post-massage, with some stating it’s given them even more energy. Because it’s a suction rather than a downward pressure it can feel far less invasive and more comfortable for those who struggle with deep massages.  You can read more on the process of cupping and the different types on this page.

what is cupping therapy

Because it’s a relatively new treatment there’s the worry of the unknown, but it’s safe, you can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable and I will answer any questions you may have prior to and during the treatment.

The benefits of Indian head massage

I can’t understate how deeply relaxing this treatment truly is.  Working from the shoulders right through to the top of the head, it’s amazing for stressed individuals, those struggling with sleep and those suffering with tension headaches. This isn’t the head massage you get at the hairdressers, it’s a full-on meditative experience.  Hair oils are optional, but highly recommended as they leave your hair beautifully soft and shiny.

benefits of indian head massage

Be bold, try something new in 2017

To help you embrace this fresh new year and try new things you can experience a half hour cupping therapy or Indian head massage treatment for just £10 throughout January.  Book online or call 07845798674

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