Family massage treatments at Ebor Sulis

Touch is one of the first senses we develop as babies and is a vital part of our growth. One of the most widely used ways to nurture this fundamental need for human contact is through massage therapy. From newborn babies through to those in the golden stages of life, we have used massage to lower stress levels, induce calm and promote happiness.

During the Easter holidays Ebor Sulis will be running family massage sessions to bring the multiple benefits of massage therapy to both parents and children. The 40 minute sessions will include two, 20 minute massages (usually a back, neck and shoulders massage) designed to reduce stress levels and induce calm.

As anxiety and stress related issues amongst children continue to grow, massage is a holistic and effective way to combat the symptoms sometimes caused by mental health issues like tense muscles, postural problems and headaches.

From the 1st April to the 15th April you can book a family massage at Ebor Sulis and try something a little different this Easter.

We’ve put below a short FAQ on what happens and why to give you peace of mind, but there’s something else you’d like to ask please get in touch.


Family massage FAQ

Is there a minimum age for the massage treatment?

Yes, the minimum age is 8. This is because we generally find younger children struggle to understand the need to lie still and would prefer to be up and about.


Do I need to be in the room?

Yes, we require the parent or guardian to be present at all times during the treatment. This is a non-negotiable safeguarding measure. Either we bring a chair or stool into the treatment room, or lock the external door and keep the treatment room door open where you will have a full view of the treatment.


What if we wish to stop the treatment?

You may stop the treatment at any time if you feel uncomfortable or your child is not enjoying the therapy. Our clients’ comfort and feeling of safety is paramount.


Can the treatment be done clothed?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst there are health benefits of massaging skin, the massage treatment can be given above clothes.


Do I need to sign anything?

We have under-16 consent forms which must be signed before any treatment takes place and which clearly lay out the conditions of treatment.

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